Annie's  Book  Stop of  Laconia

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Can you order books? Can the books be shipped to a home address rather than to the store?             

Yes, with an additional charge.

Is shipping free when ordering?

Yes, when new books are delivered to the store then shipping is free; for direct shipping, there are additional shipping & handling fees. For special order books (out-of-print), additional fees apply. See below for more detail on our out-of-print services.

When ordering, when is payment taken?       

At the time of order.

Do you accept credit card payment?         

Yes, Master Card, Visa, & Discover. We no longer take American Express.

Why can’t I use all my credit?        

We operate on a 50% credit / 50% cash basis. In Laconia, you may use your book credits for up to half of the cost of your newly acquired pre-read books. The rest may be paid for either in cash, local check or credit card. We do not "swap" books.

We offer assistance with ordering out-of-print and collectible books not found on our shelves. There is an additional charge for shipping and handling.

Gift Certificates are available in any amount; please ask at the desk. Gift Certificates are usable at any Annie’s Book Stop location.


Do you sell used and new books?         

Yes,  we offer 20% off (most) new books

Do you buy used books?       

No,  we do not buy books from customers.

We accept:

  • Paperback books in good to excellent condition. Books must be clean and have all pages and covers intact.
  • Recent paperbacks (ask a staff member if you have questions)
  • Most paperbacks must have an original cover price of $6.99 or more with the exception of…Classics, Westerns, Mysteries, Historical and Science Fiction. These five are accepted at any price as long as they are clean and in good condition.
  • Non-fiction selections are excepted if the copyright date is within the last 5 years
  • 10 books may be traded-in per day (per person)
  • We accept donations by appointment

We accept the following in hardcover:

  • Young adult fiction
  • Cookbooks (within the past 5 years)
  • Children’s picture books

  • Some large print books


If you have questions, call us or bring your books by the store and a staff member will review them.